I’m so sorry that I haven’t updated in a few days. These past couple of days have been hectic. I had a test in the hardest class of my life! Now I finally have time to take some time to myself.

I woke up this morning at 5:45 for a nice morning lifting session! Well… It’s not actually nice. I think lifting in the morning is actually a bit counterproductive. I think the muscles aren’t awake yet and it simply promotes soreness. I woke up to a cinnamon raisin bagel with reduced fat cream cheese. Yum.

From lifting, I went straight to class. Sort of. I stopped at a bagel place right near my class to grab a medium coffee with skim milk and truvia. It was necessary. I went to Spanish and took my last quiz of the semester. Relieving! I had a test at 11, so I went home quickly and showered. I grabbed an apple on the way out of the door. After my test, which was surprisingly easy, I went home to two scrambled eggs, a banana, and two rice cakes with peanut butter. This lunch was 390 calories and so balanced!

I got a little hungry before practice so I had two rice cakes, but this time with apple butter. It’s much easier on the stomach and simply 20 calories!

I had practice at 4:30, which was easy. We have our first meet on Friday, so we simply went through speed things and drills. It was pretty relaxing. After, I indulged into Blueberry Special K with light soy milk, a banana, and one rice cake with PB. I’m totally addicted to these rice cakes with PB, clearly! But hey, it’s a snack of about 100 calories!

I’m not going to eat after 8 pm. Well, try not to! I need to get back into eating better considering the meets are starting up and I need to get on track.

Wait, meets are starting? What? I haven’t run a meet in a year. I got surgery last December. This should be a great experience and I can’t wait. So strange that a year ago my legs were all wrapped!


Readers, do you have any advice on great pre-race meals? I run at 8:20 PM. So late! and so awkward for eating!