Rainy Morning!

What a busy morning! I don’t know about you guys, but where I’m from it’s been raining forever. Despite this i’d rather still be in bed rain, I woke up at 7:30 am to drive my mother to work. Being home for break makes me have to battle for a car!

I dropped her off at 8:30, drove to my local track, and found it to be closed! WTF! I was tight on time this morning, so I succumbed to compromising my week and just doing a 4 mile run this morning instead of the 300 meter workout I was supposed to do on the track. That will be for tomorrow, friends.

The run was awesome. I love running at home. It’s awesome after running the same loops back in Bethlehem. From the run, I went and got Dunkin’ Donuts medium iced coffee with skim milk. I had about 15 minutes until my thirty-minute deep tissue massage  on my legs.

WHOA massage! It was supposed to be at 10:15 and a mere half hour long. First off, my wonderful massage therapist dug deep into those little calves of mine! I’m going to be bruised within hours, but it was totally necessary. And not only did she get to business on my legs, she gave me an extra thirty minutes free! That’s awesome, right?

Well, I would have enjoyed it much more if I didn’t have a hair appointment at noon! I was so sweaty and had no time to shower. I rushed to my house, changed (hey, it’s something!), and got to the hair dresser just in time! I managed to grab an apple on the way out.

After my hair, I came home to finally just eat a meal! I had Blueberry Special K Cereal with 2% milk. I normally have soy milk or skim, but my parents buy neither of those things. Oh well! And I topped off the cereal with a banana. Such a great lunch!

Oh, and besides the awesome runs I get to do – I get to hang out with this guy!

His name is Oscar and he’s just a love muffin!


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