Well, Hello!

So I’m finally getting around to making a blog! It’s been on my to do list in forever! Welcome, welcome and thanks for reading!

This blog is going to follow my journey, and will touch on my past, through my life. My life includes mainly eating and running. I am a twenty-one year old college junior and I am on our college track team. I’ve been running (and eating!) since I’ve been born.

A brief history of why I think this blog would be awesome for you and for me! I went to college and couldn’t wait to run and experience everything college had to offer. This does include the food as well. Holy dining halls! I gained 12 pounds in a matter of months and watching my body change took a toll on me. I got surgery last year, which led me to really focus on myself and my habits. Since I couldn’t run, I decided to put all of my energy into eating and eating right! I lost the weight I gained my freshmen year, and it slowly creeps back every now and then and just as fast as it came, it’s gone! I’m a fluctuating freak.

So, to sum it up, all you need to know is I love to run on these:

and I love to eat! But the eating needs to be in moderation.
So I hope to help you by offering ideas for workouts and great eats! I’ll post as often as I can and I hope to get a great following!


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