Hello, thanksgiving food baby! I woke up this morning feelings kind of ‘bleh?’ Even though I ate entirely too much yesterday, I was somewhat hungry when I woke up! Surprise appetite.

For breakfast, I had Apples & Cinnamon oatmeal from Trader Joe’s with chopped banana on top. I wanted something filling, but low calorie. So I chose this!

Yumm 🙂

I then got ready and went for a 4 mile run. It took about 32 minutes (8 minute miles) which is normally what I do for recovery days. I followed this up with 500 repetitions of ab workouts.

I finally made my way out the door for some black friday shopping – kind of? My mom and I went to the mall and went to Ann Taylor. My mom bought me two shirts – one of which I get to have now and one that “Santa” gets to bring in a month. Boo!

After a grueling black friday morning, we came back home to have some lunch. Lunch was grape jam and apple butter on a sandwich thin.

I’m trying to slowly eliminate the amount of PB I have a day. It’s really not that great for you! It actually has a protein that your body can’t digest and it sticks to your arteries and suppresses your immune system. My dad told me this, and I’m still skeptical. (Or I can’t give up the taste of that peanut butter!) I’ll do some research and get back to you all.

For dinner, my mom made some awesome turkey chili! It had lean ground turkey, tomatoes, mushrooms, and onions in it. It was so delicious. After, I had an apple with apple butter for dessert. So much apple!


So running?

I have my first meet of the year in exactly ONE WEEK. Whoa! This came up on us fast! So for all of my readers, what do you all do to prepare for a competition? Any little quirky things you all do? I used to straighten my hair and paint my nails before every meet! Now, I just try and watch a hilarious movie.


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