Back at School

So turkey break is over :(.

I know. Bleh! It’s back to school with lots of work, a test on Wednesday, and the team starts morning lifting tomorrow morning! Lifting at 6 am just makes me more sore, I think. Oh well!

And I’ll miss this hunk!

So my internet at home was terrible for some unknown reason. Posting was proving to be difficult. Now I’m at the library (and procrastinating, of course!), and am able to give you all an update!

Yesterday I ran for 20 minutes even though it was supposed to be an off day. But honestly, how often do you get 65 degree weather at the end of November?

Amazing! It was awesome, and I was sweating. Today is always my off day. I enjoy it. I might be racing a mile later (but that’s TBD.) and it’s just for fun with a guy on the team.

So I woke up this morning, and showered. My amazing mother made pancakes this morning! I normally am not one to indulge myself into such things, but when in Rome! (or home!) So, I had two pancakes with maple syrup on top and a banana on the side. For lunch, which was after I got back to school, my mom took me to Panera Bread where I got a “You Pick 2.” I got half of a caesar salad, which was covered in dressing. Next time, I’ll ask for it on the side. And I also got half of the smoked turkey sandwich. It’s about a 500 calorie lunch, but it’s better than most of their sandwiches! Calories on the menu make me so aware of what I’m actually eating. I can’t decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Oh, and I got my first tattoo yesterday! My birthday is shared with the late John Lennon, and my dad is a huge fan. I think of Lennon as a mysterious bond between my father and I. So I used this to inspire my first tattoo!, which totally did not hurt btw. The pictures I’ve taken of them currently show a ton of side boob! Oops! So I will upload a picture sooner than later!


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