Meet Day!

Good Morning! (Almost afternoon!)

Today is my first meet in a year! That being said, my eating today reflects that.

I woke up at 8 am after a night of weird dreams. I think this happens to me when I get stressed out. I had a banana in frosted flakes and light soy milk. Soy milk is so yummy!

After, I mustered up the courage to head down to the library despite the 30 degree weather! I’m such a warm weather girl at heart. Upon getting to the library, I needed coffee. I know that I probably shouldn’t have on a meet day, but I’ll be sure to hydrate throughout the day with lots of cold water!

Man, I love the New York Times! So I finally drank the coffee and had some quality reading time for one of my classes. At 11 am, I went back to my house to eat something for lunch. I know this is a tad earlier than normal, but with the race tonight I’m eating at different times.

For lunch I tried to have something substantial, and not just cereal. My dinner will be smaller. I started out with a Mini Clif Bar (100 calories). Then I had a Morning Star Veggie Burger with spinach on a Arnold’s Sandwich Thin. (Only 200 calories!) I then topped that off with an apple! Pretty balanced meal if you ask me 🙂

Tonight, I have a race at 8:20. Wish me luck!

I hope you guys all have a great day!